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August 2008

Those Drunk on Pabst vs. Those Drunk with Power

Drunk vs. Drunk!Recently the classic drinking-age debate was rekindled when dozens of College and University Presidents signed onto the Amethyst Initiative, which is at this point a simple statement, which reads:

4 Decades from '68, South Africa Remembers a Student Fight Against Apartheid

Cape Town University, South AfricaThe student protests and revolutions that swept across the world in 1968 and 1969 still have a powerful effect on the people and institutions we live with and within today. In Cape Town, South Africa, it is no different. From Cape Argus [emphasis mine]:

Still Forgotten?

The plight of American Indian communities, to average Americans, is usually either relegated to some distant past or outright ignored. If you're educated, maybe you'll remember reading about the Trail of Tears, or Wounded Knee (probably not Pine Ridge though).